Screenwriter and director

One of my main interests, in which I like to dive as director and screenwriter, is the spectrum of the invisible in the fact of human beings, that is, the world of feelings. How to do this visually is one of my main obsessions and goals as an artist.

The combination of the two cultures between which I live in, my Spanish original culture in which I lived my first youth and that lived during my artistic growth in Norway, place me at two poles with few average terms. In fact, my films move between the bizarre brightness of the south and the delicate harmony of the Norwegian unicolor.


Días oscuros is about anxiety and restlessness that many people are facing in our current society, as well as the uncertainty about the passing of time.

Azul is an attempt to explain to the child that we were how we are in the present. A dialogue that the director maintains with the child he was and with the viewer. A conversation in which the subconscious takes the reins of the situation.

In Blå Crush we meet Blå, a “leftie” politician, connects with a woman on Tinder. The are both in “the closet” and don’t know much about each other. They decide to meet. When the Blå comes to Rødt’s apartment, Rødt recognizes her right away. Blå is a controversial politician from an opposing party. They are both taken by surprise by the encounter, and their meeting doesn´t seem to go so well. Slowly, to their own surprise, they start to connect and leave their prejudices aside (with the tiny «aid» of alcohol).

Outro dia mais is documentary that delves into the reasons for loneliness and the different ways of living them.

Five women express how they live day to day with loneliness, how they are affected and what they have learned over the years living with them. Outro dia mais is to enter the darkness to discover that there is also some brightness even in the darkest.

Sus ojos is an approach to the pain and loss that comes after a love break. Through color, sounds and images that want to entice you into a different world, the director tries to come close to the feelings that invade him every time love breaks down and the relationship, in which he was submerged, ends. The pain of the end, the joy of a new beginning, family and friends are represented in this film full of fe

Ei natt portrays the last part of a long journey as an unknown man flees his homeland. Suffering flashbacks of the conflict claiming the lives of family and friends, he finds himself constantly looking back, afraid of being caught and sent back to war. A lone wolf, he finds himself restlessly roaming around, all of his belongings in a small backpack. Is he ever going to find peace in an unfamiliar country?